Vision, Mission and Core Beliefs

Our vision is a community united to ensure that every child and adult is free from poverty.

Sacred Heart’s vision statement describes the long-term aim of the organization and the target toward which all of our work is directed. The vision statement places equal emphasis on the building and uniting of community and on the freedom from poverty. Neither objective can truly be fulfilled without the other. Thus, Sacred Heart’s work emphasizes both engaging and strengthening our community and developing solutions to poverty.

Our mission is to build a community free from poverty by creating hope, opportunity, and action. We provide essential services, work together to improve our lives, advocate for justice, and inspire our community to love, serve, and share. 

The mission statement of Sacred Heart Community Service describes who we are, our fundamental purpose, and our role in the community. It expresses not only the specific ways in which we address the conditions of poverty, but an understanding that the way in which we go about doing so has a deep and lasting impact.

Hope is created when we provide resources in a compassionate and dignified way. Opportunity is created when we invest in the skills and power residing in individuals and groups. Action is created when we organize volunteers, leaders, institutions to work together to act on both individual and societal levels in pursuit of a community free from poverty. The first sentence of the mission statement now serves as succinct response to the vision statement. It can stand on its own as an abbreviated, yet ample articulation of our purpose and role.

Woman with oxygen tankCore Beliefs

The beliefs on which all our work is grounded: These core beliefs are the three key convictions that underlie our actions. They form the bedrock of our work, helping to define our vision for the community we want to live in and our responsibility as community members to stand up for our beliefs and work towards their fulfillment.

  • We believe that all people have a right to adequate food, clothing, housing, education, health care, and personal safety.
  • We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to achieve economic self sufficiency and healthy relationships.
  • We believe that with faith, creativity, and effort, resources are available to fulfill our vision.