Vehicle Donation

Donate for Charity LogoWe have established an arrangement with Donate For Charity to process our vehicle donations. Donate For Charity arranges a free vehicle pickup, handles all the DMV issues, sells the vehicle at auction, and distributes the net proceeds to Sacred Heart Community Service.

By donating, you'll avoid the headache of selling a used vehicle, help support Sacred Heart Community Service, and receive a receipt entitling you to declare a tax deduction.

When you're ready to donate, or want to learn more, simply call Donate For Charity toll-free at (866) 392-4483 and let them know you wish to donate a vehicle to Sacred Heart Community Service or donate online at

Please note that when you receive the receipt for the vehicle donation, it will initially come from Donate For Charity. Once the donation is complete (which could be a few weeks), Sacred Heart will be notified of the donation and we can send you our Thank You letter.

Any questions?  Call us at 408-278-2194 or email Annette Pizzo at