Guidelines and Expectations

Sacred Heart couldn’t exist without its volunteers ...

So we want to make sure you have a fulfilling time while you’re working with us to end poverty in Silicon Valley. Here are a few guidelines and expectations to keep in mind.


Volunteer with food

On weekdays before 3pm, please park off-site. We want to reserve our parking spaces for customers. Please, do not use neighboring business lots. You might need to walk a block or two, but there’s plenty of parking on the side streets around The Heart.

Personal Belongings

For reasons of security, please lock your purses/bags in the trunk of your car.

Dress Code

In the Pantry and Clothes Closet long pants and close-toed shoes are required. Sandals, tank tops, short skirts or shorts or otherwise offensive clothing are not permitted. Please use good judgment.

Chaperone Expectations

If your group is composed of students in high school or younger, you’ll need to have chaperones. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Chaperones should be aware of SHCS’s mission and the type of work students will be doing
  • Chaperones are expected to stay on site with the students at all times
  • Chaperones should have a list of names and emergency phone numbers for every student in the group.
  • Chaperones should know where each student in the group is located at all times
  • Chaperones are in charge of communicating and enforcing behavioral expectations. For example: listening carefully to staff instructions, staying on task, being cooperative, being polite and respectful to customers and staff, not leaving job area without permission, using appropriate language, etc.