Our Programs

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Every month, more than 15,000 people walk through our doors to access a wide range of services.

Our programs are offered comprehensively under one roof and are free of charge to all of our customers. We also provide helpful information and referral to our customers in collaboration with other human service agencies in the community. Our Services can be broken down into three categories:

Essential Services

We serve all customers in need of food, clothing, housing, and energy assistance, offering stability and hope as part of a first step toward economic self-sufficiency. Our goal is for low-income individuals and families in Santa Clara County to meet basic needs and sustain their health and well-being. Equally important, we strive to increase hope and stability for individuals and families struggling with poverty through the respectful and compassionate delivery of essential services.


Woman customerOur Self-Sufficiency programs provide integrated services and programs while empowering customers to achieve economic self-sufficiency and a healthy relationship with our community. We want individuals and families facing poverty in Santa Clara County to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency and strengthen family and community relationships. Our self-sufficiency strategy responds to people currently facing poverty and strives to offer resources, tools, and connections to help them obtain economic self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.

Policy And Organizing

Our Policy and Organizing team is working to strengthen the voice and presence of low-income community members and their allies in decision making processes that impact the structural causes of poverty through leadership development, research, education, and action.

The goal of the Heart’s organizing and advocacy strategy is for low-income constituents of Sacred Heart to develop their voice and leadership, and, together with allies and community partners, impact the structural causes of poverty and related quality of life issues in Santa Clara County.