Essential Services

Bags of Food in PantryEssential Services incorporates the Welcome Center, Louise’s Pantry, the Clothes Closet, the Housing Assistance team and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance and Weatherization program.

Our Essential Services program  is built on our core belief that all humans have the right to meet basic needs, including food, shelter, and warmth.

The provision of food, clothing, and emergency financial assistance has been central to Sacred Heart’s role as a center of community support since its founding 46 years ago.

Today, this strategy continues to occupy the largest share of Sacred Heart’s resources and serves as the primary point of entry for customers and volunteers. The need for essential services is strong and rising over the past couple of years while safety net resources have been hit hard by the recession and reductions in public funding. Sacred Heart has expanded its efforts to meet these needs and work more closely with community partners to coordinate a more integrated safety net of services that covers the entire county and prevents any of our neighbors from falling into complete destitution.