Education Programs partner with families to create a foundation for lifelong learning and in becoming effective leaders that make higher education attainable for all children. 


What We Do

We work hard to educate the entire family and build a culture of academic success that will lead parents and children to college and healthy community relationships.

  • Provide education opportunities to low-income families in Spanish and English
  • Work with parent volunteers who teach English as a Second Language, nutrition and cooking courses, and parenting education for 40 parents of preschool children
  • Offer kindergarten preparation for 25 children between ages 3 and 5
  • Provide afterschool Homework Club for 65 children, grades K-8
  • Offer Summer Academy for 100 students, grades 4-8
  • Create individualized work plans for each child and family, achieving grade-level or higher performance
  • Provide a parent leadership course empowering parents to take an active role in their children's education and to advocate for education reform
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How We Do It

Specific programs within the Education Department include:

How You Can Help Building Futures

  • Make a Donation - your tax deductible gift helps us sustain, develop, and grow our programs, to support family transportation needs, and to purchase program supplies
  • Volunteer - give your time to facilitate classes and workshops, tutor and mentor students
  • Drives - organize a drive to provide school and art supplies or books for youth programs
  • SJ2020 Campaign - help us eliminate the achievement gap in partnership with the Santa Clara County Office of Education
  • San Jose Unified School District - get involved with our local school district



How We Do It (continued)

Volunteer and ECE Child

Parents of Preschoolers & Early Childhood Education 

The POPS and ECE programs work in tandem to create a foundation for lifelong learning for Latino families with young children in San Jose.  Twenty-Five Parents of Preschoolers who are English learners commit to a nine-month course, four days per week, where they learn English together and learn to facilitate their children’s healthy development while their children are prepared to start kindergarten on time.  

  • Parents:  They attend parenting classes that teach positive behavioral approaches to raising their children, emphasize the importance of nutrition and physical exercise, and receive an interactive introduction to the American public school system as their children prepare for kindergarten. 
  • Children:  While parents are in class, Preschoolers from 3 to 5 years old attend daily 2-hour Early Childhood Education classes in English and Spanish that prepare them for kindergarten.  

This model offers a parallel process in which children actively see their mothers becoming more confident and empowered to voice their needs in English and more involved in their education.  Similarly, children actively see their mothers become more healthy, exercise more, and practice healthy cooking and behaviors that they learned together at home.  Upon improving proficiency in English, parents are also trained and invited to become program volunteers and positive role models for their peers.

ESL Resources:




HWC work

Homework Club and Summer Academy

HWC (grades 1-8) and Summer Academy (grades 4-8)  improve the short and long-term academic, social, and emotional development of 165 low-income, at-risk children in San Jose, CA.  This after school program and subsequent full-day summer camp creates individualized work plans for each child and family, achieving grade-level or higher performance.

Students receive:  

  • Individual mentoring and academic guidance
  • Home and teacher visits 
  • Academic assessments to monitor gradel level achievement
  • Weekly progress monitoring by a joint support unit of staff, volunteer mentors, and their parents
  • Weekly enrichment courses that deepen their relationships with their mentors using Project Cornerstone’s 41 developmental assets and a science curriculum developed by the National Partnership for After School Science (N-PASS) in response to the decrease in funding for science programs in San Jose Unified School District

Interested in Volunteering in Homework Club and Summer Academy? 

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Familias Unidas Graduation

Familias Unidas con las Escuelas

Familias Unidas is a bilingual parent leadership training program in Spanish and English that results in a network of parents who are empowered to research and advocate to narrow the achievement gap and institute core standards for students in San Jose Unified School District.  

The network is convened by trained and certified community “promotores” (parent leaders) who engage their peers in a series of 12 interactive sessions.  

The Unidas curriculum, a nationally renowned best practice developed by Mexican America Legal Defense & Education Fund (MALDEF) and localized to meet the needs of families in the San Jose Unified School District, emphasizes the importance of parental involvement in local education systems and recognizes that although education is a civil right, the access to a quality education is not the same for everyone.