Family Support

The Family Support Program  collaborates with families to achieve safety and stability, strengthens family wellness, and supports their empowerment as they become leaders.  


What We Do

  • Bring FIRST 5 resources to families with children 0-5 years old, encouraging better health and strong family relationships
  • Partner with volunteers to provide parenting classes, support groups, and workshops
  • Provide individual support services and emergency domestic violence intervention
  • Provide outreach and education to build access to health care and other social services
  • Leadership training for low income customers of Sacred Heart through the SHCS Leadership Collective
  • Training for other service providers who are committed to building a community free from poverty by creating hope, opportunity, and action

How We Do It

  • Partner with families to help them navigate and advocate for what they need in the community, improve their skills as family and community leaders, and realize their own potential to improve their lives and advocate for justice.
  • Provide a safe place for families to learn and connect with other families to build a stronger, healthier community. 
  • Identify and nurture leaders through the SHCS Leadership Collective, a training program that works with people to find their voice in the face of the adversity, to identify their own personal power, and realize our community's strength through collective power.
  • Culturally competent, bilingual professionals are available to provide training in English and Spanish in many topic areas, including:
    • SHCS Leadership Collective for graduates of SHCS programs
    • ASQ-3 & ASQ-SE (developmental assessments for children)
    • Domestic Violence 101
    • Reporting child abuse or neglect
    • Arts Enrichment
    • Abriendo Puertas
    • SEEDS
    • Potter the Otter - Rethink Your Drink
    • Oral health
    • Cooking Matters nutrition programs for Spanish-speaking parents with young children

How You Can Support Healthy Families

  • Donate - your tax-deductible gift helps us sustain and develop these programs, sponsor transportation costs, and purchase emergency motel vouchers for survivors of domestic violence
  • Volunteer - give of your time to facilitate classes and workshops, help with community outreach, or be trained as a child care provider
  • Drives - organize a group to secure gift cards for family food and education activities

For More Information

Funded in part by FIRST 5 Santa Clara County.  The first five years. Make them Count.

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