About Us

When Louise Benson began her ministry to the poor in 1964, she started with two critical ideas ...

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Louise believed that everyone shared responsibility in working to overcome the injustice of poverty and that sufficient resources exist in our community to make this happen.

49 years later, these fundamental concepts of hard work, justice, and shared responsibility still frame the critical work of Sacred Heart Community Service. Sacred Heart's commitment to reach out and educate, engage, and involve the entire community in the services we provide sets it apart from other nonprofit organizations.

Sacred Heart promotes unity by bringing together people from all walks of life and organizations from all disciplines in the common cause of serving people in need and working toward the elimination of poverty in our community.

With the combined efforts of ourselves and our neighbors we can meet the urgent needs of today, provide tools to build self-sufficiency for tomorrow, and through community education, advocacy, and engagement, work toward a future where families in Santa Clara County no longer face hunger and poverty at all.

Sacred Heart, led by Executive Director Poncho Guevara, fulfills its mission by bringing together the strengths and resources of the community. In 2012, Sacred Heart saw more than 80,000 people walk through its doors, including more than 70,000 customers and 10,000 volunteers. In the future, Sacred Heart will continue to be a gathering place where people from throughout Santa Clara County can come together in pursuit of a better life and a more just society.